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Comprehensive Athletics Consulting (CAC) provides institutions and organizations with the expertise and guidance needed to establish and maintain mission-driven athletics programs that operate in accord with institutional priorities and values while ensuring appropriate association and conference affiliation, achieving competitive and academic excellence, and achieving institutional enrollment goals.


Whether it is a high school, small college, or large university setting, athletics programs serve a crucial role not only in public perception of the institution’s brand, but in the very viability of the institution. Presidents, Chancellors, Principals and other institutional executives need their athletics programs to serve their most important intended roles of:


  • Enhancing the image, brand, and reputation of the institution;

  • Providing an outstanding experience for student-athletes;

  • Enriching campus life; and

  • Developing the leaders of tomorrow.


This can only happen most effectively when athletics programs operate in keeping with their institutions’ mission, vision, and values. Unfortunately, many athletics programs today are not effective in fulfilling their intended institutional purpose because they do not operate in keeping the institutional mission.


That is where CAC makes it mark. Experts from CAC will visit your campus, assess, and provide in-depth analysis of the operations of your athletics program.


In addition to our expertise in the establishment of mission-based athletics programs, our work focuses on:


  • Conference structure and creation;

  • Action planning;

  • Staff development and team-building;

  • Strategic planning and direction;

  • Comprehensive program review;

  • Benchmarking data analysis;

  • Student-athlete experience audits;

  • Compliance policies and procedures;

  • Athletics and Campus integration;

  • SAAC leadership development.


CAC clients benefit greatly from the expertise that CAC provides. We provide our clients with tangible strategies and action plans to meet goals – whether they are to increase an institution’s enrollment via athletics programming, to ensure athletics programs operate within the parameters of the institutional mission, or to strengthen all facets of athletics operations. Clients who partner with CAC realize outstanding results – fast!


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