Action Planning:


  • Short-term planning is a 1 - 12 month plan to get your program and/or conference on a solid foundation.  

  • Long-term planning is a 1 - 3 year approach to accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization.


Program Evaluation:


Comprehensive study to establish the effectiveness, perception and impact of a:


  • program (sport) 

  • department

  • institution

  • conference

  • association

Feasibility Studies:


Demographic and financial capabilities and impact to enrollment based strategies of:


  • adding an athletics program or a sport to an existing athletics program 

  • establishing a conference

  • assessing the correct conference or association affiliation for an athletics program




  • Campus Connections. Bringing together your athletics department with other important departments and/or your faculty staff to make sure you are moving in the same direction to accomplish your goals and objectives while staying true to your mission

  • Conference team-building. Bringing together institutions to help form a stronger, more cohesive Conference