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CAC offers both short-term and long-term planning. Short-term planning is a 1-12 month plan to get your program and/or conference on a solid foundation. Long-term planning is a 1-3 year approach to accomplish the goals and objectives of your organization.


CAC workshops help build common purpose within your organization. Campus connections bring your athletics department together with other important campus departments and/or faculty and staff to ensure that you are moving in the same direction toward accomplishing goals while staying true to your mission. Conference team building brings together member institutions to help form a stronger, more cohesive Conference.


CAC provides institutional feasibility studies to evaluate the demographic and financial capabilities and impact to enrollment-based strategies of:

  • Adding an athletics program or sport to an existing athletics program;

  • Establishing a conference;

  • Assessing the correct conference or association affiliation for an athletics program.


CAC produces comprehensive studies establishing the effectiveness, perception and impact of a:

  • Program (sport)

  • Department

  • Institution

  • Conference

  • Association

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